Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Code of the Streets Presents: The Homegrown tape (Echoes Magazine, 1997)

A lovely little compilation from 1997...
This little number poped up somewhere, probably Discogs or ebay for a quid or two, I can't really recall exactly where. It was released in February 1997 as a freebie available with Echoes / Code of the Streets Magazine and contains some of the choicest UK Cuts that came out in 1996 and 1997. Yes, there is the odd bit of american accent on a few of the tracks by some of the lesser know cats but the overall tracklist is top notch. The lack of mixing means that this is not really a mixtape as such but I guess that these days the literal definition of mixtape has been stretched a bit further than that anyway!

...and a lovely little tracklist to match
Upon listening you will here a few cuts by a pre-19 Long-Time Blak Twang and pre-Brand New Second Hand and Countryman Roots Manuva and Skitz. There are also appearences from TY back in his Shortee Blitz collabo days and Lewis Parker with the majestic "Rise" from the Rise/Visions of Splendour 12" on Bite It. Braintax even makes an apearence with a track taken off his highly sort-after Future Years EP, "Taxation". All of these tracks also came out on 12"s and on albums or EPs at some point so they will be covered in detail at another time. However, for now consider this a little Xmas present to warm the eardrums while I take a little time out over the holiday period. Enjoy and I will be back in the New Year. Peace Postie   

Code of the Streets Presents: The Homegrown