Saturday, 2 January 2010

Postie's Welcome Message

Yeah, I know, its all about downloading, copying and file-sharing these days, but fuck it, I am all about the accumulation - its all about the spines on the shelves baby! So this here blog is all about that - the actual physical product of UK hip hop. The main focus of the content will be the 1990s and early 2000s because (in my eyes) the so-called renaisance era of UK hip hop was in many ways also its golden era, when artists and fans got their shit together after a period of inactivity and started putting out quality rap product with a fiercely independent attitude and a uniquely British identity. The blog will mainly focus on the magic of the mixtapes, the magazines, the flyers and most importantly the vinyl records and CDs of this era. The blog will grow as my collection grows and the hope is to provide an insight into what to hunt for when digging in your local UK-hip-hop-friendly record store or whilst killing hours at work surfing ebay! We are now entering an era where freshly pressed UK Hip Hop vinyl, tapes and magazines are close to extinction - so this is for those rap historians out there that still love to have, to hold, to file away and tick off the list. I hope you enjoy, Peace, Postie