Friday, 12 September 2014

A Want and A Find! - Some Early Numskullz Cassette Tapes

Find: Hands Of Doom 1994
Going to keep it short but sweet on this one just to shed a little light on an interesting little UK-made mixtape I stumbled across on the bay recently. It is a very rare little bedroom DJ mixtape from the Numskullz' Jay Le Surgeon and DJ Rummage released way back in 1994. The sound quality ain't great but given the digi-version I have posted was ripped off a tape, probably initially made bedroom style (ie. decks straight to tape recorder/Dat and then duplicated tape-to-tape) over 20 years ago, you can forgive a little hiss and muffle! It comes with a black and white photocopied sleeve that has been overlaid on the front with a laminate to give it a stiffer cover. The tape itself is a standard Sony jobbie with a handwritten sticky label on one side saying "Hands of Doom 4x4".

Want: Numskulls - Self-Titled EP 1993
Despite showing its age - it is fair to say that these two UK Hip Hop stalwarts definitely had the skills back then as the cuts and mixes are all pretty decent, if not quite flawless. And the tracklist?... An of its time selection of early 90s hip hop, breaks and New Jack Swing! I have to admit that when I copped, I was hoping for a little UK action - perhaps the odd freestyle or drop of their own early tunes! No such luck unfortunately, so for me the quest remains on for the self titled cassette-only EP released way back in '93 containing a number of little Numskullz gems - including the fabulous "I'm Storming" (that can no longer be found on youtube thanks to the demise of Huntkillbury's awesome Youtube channel for copyright infringement!


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