Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Krispy 3: On Tempo '94 Lick 12" / Herd Out the Gate EP (Kold Sweat 1994)

Vinyl releases with exclusive dope remixes are one of the reasons
I got addicted to records in the first place
Words and visuals from a UK rap collector known to some as Humble Pieman...

If UK rap in general is pretty slept on, then mid 90's UK hip hop from outside of London is snoozed on harder than a narcoleptic on Nytol.

Krispy 3 hailing from Chorley near Manchester are a  classic example of this, a great UK hip hop group who never really get the props they deserve. Two quality albums,  releases on several labels and slew of singles and EP's spanning 15 years. Their back catalog is packed with top draw, heartfelt beats and rhymes, and the 94' Lick version of On Tempo is maybe my personal favorite.

Krispy 3 in effect!
I distinctly remember the first time I heard it, and that's possibly why it edges out some of their other cuts in my eyes. It was back in the days when MTV was only available on cable, and cable was only available in certain areas of town. One of my pals had it, and we used to go round his house to watch MTV raps on a Saturday morning.

I guess it must have been MTV Europe, and therefore MTV Raps European edition, because spliced in between the regular US rap tracks on this show was first the London Posse's classic How's Life in London video, swiftly followed by On Tempo '94 Lick by Krispy. These were the first two UK rap videos I ever remember seeing and they had a big impact. Both tunes were instantly added to the wantslist...

On Tempo ('94 Lick Re:Vamp 12")
The original version of On Tempo appears on Krispy's excellent 1993 'Can't Melt the Wax' LP and is a quality track in it's own right. It took me a hot minute to get hold of the album, specifically searching for it off the back of seeing the video, and although it was a great purchase, the absence of the remix version made me fiend to own the video version on wax even more.

The Legendary green Kold Sweat label
Vinyl releases with exclusive dope remixes are one of the reasons I got addicted to records in the first place, and In typical 90's fashion, the '94 Lick delivers a whole new beat, a killer b-line and totally re-worked lyrics. The production and laid back vocals, delivered with panache in Krispy's Lancashire accents made it a total must have in my books.

As it turns out the '94 Lick was available as a 12' single in it's own right, and also on the the 'Herd Out the Gate' EP, both released on the legendary Kold Sweat label. The nerd in me needed to bag them both, but if I had to recommend one i'd go with the EP, it features the vocal and instrumental versions, plus four more nice cuts, and it comes with a smashing Easter Island head inspired picture cover.

The 12' single does offer two other alternative mixes, but neither outshine the '94 Lick as far as I'm concerned. There is also a white lable promo out there, but the tracklist is the same. Either of these two, or the Herd Out the Gate EP should be easily picked up for between £5 - £10 and I can't recommend enough,  a stone cold classic from one of the UK's unsung heroes.

Krispy 3: On Tempo (94 Lick)


  1. Also a personal favorite. This takes the place as the uk t.r.o.y. for me. Anthemic. So there's a video for this? Anyone got it?

  2. Funnily enough this article was written with the full intention of posting up the video at the bottom as it has been on Youtube for some time. Trouble is when I posted it up this morning I found out the dude who had the vid up has had his account suspended for excessive copyright violation - So anyone that has it pls let me know!

  3. I remember this being on MTV Raps but mostly bc I recall thinking 'this isn't a patch on Destroy All The Stereotypes'. K3 were great though...them and RRA were the first UK stuff I got into

  4. Thanks to my man Flat4 from the UKHH forum for uploading this - whole thing works better with the video!

  5. i saw kripsy 3 in 91 supporting naughty by nature, i thought they were brilliant and that, along with a very dope piece on them in hhc about them driving around chorley in an old rover, made me want to pick up vinyl by them.

    some years later and mikey was working in vinyl exchange in manchester, so got to chat with him and buy records off him and what a sound bloke he is too.

    it wasn't until last year i finally got the "herd out da gate" ep, found a mint copy of it amongst a load of shite house promos in a shop in camden for the princely sum of £1. the irony is i only live 20 miles from chorley.

    keep up the good work, love the attention to detail in your posts.