Monday, 8 November 2010

Roots Manuva: Witness the Fitness 12" (2001)

UK Original 2001 12" Picture Cover 
 "Well, well, well... Task master burst the bionic zit splitter, at breakneck speed I down ten pints of bitter! We're lean all day and some say that ain't productive, could that depend upon the demons that your stuck with? Coz right now I see clearer than most and sit here contented with this cheese on toast!"

Is this the best UK Hip Hop track of all time? Some people have suggested that it is, not least the readers of HHC in a poll conducted some time near the demise of the legendary hip hop journal.

Those incredible first lines say so much about Roots and his attitude to his music and his life. Search youtube for any interview with this UK legend and you will come across a laid back dude with opinions and knowledge a plenty. In interviews about this particular record, Roots has joked about the fact they pressed it up to be way louder than your average record pressing in the hope it would blow a few speakers on rotation. This may be one of the reasons that it is one of the hardest fucking records ever to mix in with anything else - once the baseline kicks in - even the best deejays are not gonna be subtely beatmatching it with anything!!! 

Back Cover of the OG WTF
The 12" itself is not particularly rare and can still be picked up for around five quid without too much searching. It was repressed in a Ltd edition red "Well Deep: Ten Years of Big Dada" cover in 2007 and was also released on a slightly harder to find 7" in 2001. The fact is that unlike some of his early stuff , most Roots Manuva records from this point onwards are fairly easy to find thanks to the massive crossover success of this tune and the "Run Come Save Me" album it was on.

Most UK heads will have seen this vid at some point, but given that this tune is in most people who know's top 10 UK Hip Hop tunes of all time - including mine - I figured I should post it up to make sure I have it in the archives. For those who haven't seen it - where have you been? This is straight up hilarious!


  1. The three legged race is hilarious. Never seen that vid till now! Cheers Postie!

  2. Great track, best ukhh track ever? not a chance.

    Nice post though postie, keep up the good work