Monday, 18 October 2010

The Pioneers The British Hip Hop Documentary

VHS only stuff here but thanks to the wonders youtube this incredibly rare documentary covering the UK scene from the late 90s (released in 2000) can be brought to you live through the tinternet via this blog (Shout out to IBMCs2009 for that). That said it ain't gonna be sitting there staring back at you from your shelves if you are happy to leave it at that so get digging people and unearth this little diamond in your local charity shop (and then dig out a video recorder to watch it). Hmm sounding a bit long-winded now isn't it!

Anyways, this is a fantastic gem of a film by Chris Leech and Daniel Raynor of 40 Oz Productions with distribution courtesy of Disorda. The Vid features a veritable who's who of the UK scene from old to new-school with everyone ready to chip in their two pence' on what the UK scene is all about. The end result is a lot of fascinating stoned waffle, a few decent freestyles and a bit of insight into the minds of the UKs finest MCs at a period in time when the scene was at a creative high point.

Artists featured include: Blade, Lewis Parker, Scratch Perverts, Blak Twang, Mud Family, Taskforce, MSI Asylum, The Brotherhood, Parlour Talk, Mark B, Harry Love, MC Mello, Fallacy, Disorda, Gunshot, Braintax, Krispy, The Creators, DJ Vadim, Dark Circle, Numskullz, Phi Life Cypher, Supa T, DJ 279, The Ruf, Roots Manuva, Aspects, Delirious, Rodney P, Icepick, Funky DL, Kela, 57th Dynasty, DJ Supreme, Hijack, DFXO

If you have any problems watching use the links to take you through to the Youtube page where these are originally posted.

Sit back and enjoy....

Pioneers: Part 1

Pioneers: Part 2

Pioneers: Part 3

Pioneers: Part 4

Pioneers: Part 5

Pioneers: Part 6

Pioneers: Part 7

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