Friday, 15 October 2010

Lowlife Debut: Breaking the Illusion "Where will it End? EP"

Low 001
Ahh a massive slice of early 90s nostalgia! Do you remember those days back in 92 when all your mates were rocking black Slamin' Vinyl bomber jackets, buying 8 pack dreamscape tape sets, plastering their bedroom walls with dodgy looking flyers and hanging on every inane word of DJ Dougal?

Well, Joseph Christie and DJ T.E.S.T. (aka Braintax back when it was duo) and Paul Edmeade and Thomas Stewart (aka Breaking The Illusion) weren't having any of it! They were busy supporting the likes of Redman and BDP, running a Friday night pirate radio Hip Hop show, single handedly kick-starting a Leeds scene and pressing up 1000 copies of the first ever Low Life release "Where Will it End?".

A Mark of Quality
Frankly, it sounds like you would expect a record to sound if it was made by a bunch of teenagers with shit equipment set up in a leaky kitchen! The sound quality sucks, the vocals and beats are poor and the lyrical subject matter ranges from the frustrations of having to watch Home and Away upon return from school and the angst of having to watch your contempories mash up their brains on E to music you consider to be wick wick wack! That said, there is a reason it will will set you back £40-£50 on ebay and that's because no UK hip hop collection is complete without this first manifestation of the legendary Low Life label. The record contains Braintax's first ever appearence on wax and comes complete with an alternative inkpot logo reading "Life Low".

Check the Logo reading Life Low

Also pushing up the value is the fact that Christie and his BTI mates had to chuck half the records that they pressed up into a skip due to the fact he couldn't shift them, putting this at a 500 press unless you're a lucky Leeds-based binman with foresight!

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