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Junior Disprol feat Evil Ed, Jehst, Skeleton and Alkaline Fight Club 7" 2001

Dropped in 2001 as the first ever release on Junior Disprol's Cardiff based SFSB (Same Family Different Ballbags) record label, Fight Club 7" is another one of the many UK hip hop records that falls into that "extremely rare and sought after" category. For me, its desirability is fourfold. Firstly, it is the first release on the unique SFDB - a label that kept high levels of quality control on all their releases and put them out with great packaging in much the same way as Low Life was doing at the time. Secondly, it is the only 7" record released by the now defunct label and was pressed in very limited quantities (300 copies according to Evil Ed). Thirdly all three tracks are absolutely banging. Fourthly, and from my perspective most importantly, it contains an Evil Ed produced posse cut featuring (a Premonitions Era) Jehst rhyming alongside Junior Disprol, Skeleton, and Alkaline that can't be found on wax in any other form.

Evil Ed has written a great description of the recording process for the record on the discogs Release page for Fight Club - I have copied it in below as I figured that no article I could write would provide quite the same insight, You can listen to Junq Waffle at the bottom of the article.

The following information was originally posted by Evil Ed (who produced two of the 3 tracks on the 7")  on the Discogs release page for Fight Club : http://www.discogs.com/Junior-Disprol-Fight-Club/release/236999

Simple and Plain
Evil Ed: I produced the original version of 'Fight Club' and 'Junq-Waffle' so here's some history of the tracks. Fight Club was recorded at my lab, the original Buskers Corner up in Huddersfield. Me and Junior Disprol had been exchanging tapes of old UK Hip Hop rareties for some months before we finally met when he came up to my yard with a book of rhymes and concepts galore. The idea for Fight Club was that Disprol had all these MC aliases such as Pleasant Skelator (!) and that each MC would have a different beat for their part of the track to suit their persona. I put down a drum beat on the s950 to being with and the process began of rading my breaks and some Disprol had brought with him to construct the backdrop for the track.

L to R -  Evil Ed, Junior Disprol, Jehst,
Skeleton, Alkaline
 Our creativity was constricted by the small amount of sample time I had on my original, un-expanded, 950, but we managed to pull out some ill breaks and get them to work back to back, throwing in extra sounds here and there and it was a real sporadic, off the top of the head beat constructing session. Disprol then laced the beats with the different MC personas and over-dubbed it with some bugged out adlibs.
This track was a bugger to mix down as back then we had to do it all live, adjusting levels for each 'MC' and and every time I messed up I had to go back to the top of the track. We also did a remix of this track that used classic UK Hip Hop instrumentals (Hijack etc.) as the backdrop. I don't even have a copy of this, but I'm sure Disprol does! The remix on the 7" is by Secondson, this was done later and was a pre-cursor to the Fleapit stuff he and Disprol recorded.

Battling me? That would be an
embarrasing mistake, Like Promoters
who don't get the H in the right place! 
Junq-Waffle was an interesting one. Recorded one afternoon at MC Alkaline's flat (legendary Gunshot MC) I forgot to bring my mic stand to London so we had to tie the mic to a clothes-horse and move it up and down according to height of each MC. The MC's recorded their vocals in the hallway while the rest of us sat and monitored it in the lounge! Everyone recorded and Jehst turned up late and luckily made it onto the track with some classic bars. Once everyone was done with their main vocals everyone gathered around the mic and we did one take of back-up's with all kinds of noises and sound efx going on. The quality of these was rather poor and it was a nightmare mixing this one live as was 'Fight Club', but this was a classic meeting of the old school UK Hip Hop veterans (Alkaline & Skelaton) and newcomers Disprol & Jehst and it was a buzz doing the track.

I always felt it wasn't a good idea having two such long tracks on one side of a 7" and was disappointed with the sound quality that resulted from this, but this 7" has been a people's favourite and despite the quiet pressing I have heard DJ's spin 'Junq-Waffle' at jams and people rhyming along to it. I will hopefully re-master 'Junq-Waffle' at some point and put out a louder pressing, but in the meantime have fun hunting for this one as it is quite a rareity now.

Junior Disprol feat Jehst, Alkaline and Skeleton
(produced by Evil Ed)

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