Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Holy Grail #1: Blak Twang Dettwork Southeast LP 1995

The Dettwork SouthEast LP Artwork
Blak Twang's Dettwork Southeast is undoubtedly one of the holy grail vinyl records in the post 1992 uk hip hop vinyl collecting world. It is straight up vinyl porn for a UK hip hop digger and stumbling across it in a bootsale would on my part be likely to result in a nasty stain on the Carharts. Considered an all time classic of the genre it was ranked at number 3 in HHCs list of the top 50 all time UK Hip Hop LPs even though it never got released. It's one of those records that you only hear of someone owning - and that's usually coz you've electronically bumped into MK or Lewis Parker or Disorda on a vinyl buying spree on discogs and tried to turn your friendly banter into a "so what records have you got in your stacks that you want to sell me type conversation" - unfortunately this is one that is never on the for sale list!.. It is rumoured that there are no more than 50 copies doing the rounds and those are in the hands of a select few DJs and industry insiders lucky enough to be given a promo copy at the time of its completion. Just to make it even more worth breaking out the tissues for - the small amount of promo LPs that did get released came with a full picture cover. This record rarely ever comes on the market and the only ebay sale recorded on popsike saw it go for £122 in 2005 a price that would almost certainly be beaten if and when it pops up again.

Dettwork S.E. LP promo tape cover
I managed to borrow a minidisc copy from a kind mate at a well known Brighton record shop a while back and copy it on to CD. Whilst a lot of it is very similar to 19 Long Time there are 6 or 7 tracks on this 15 song LP that simply should never have been kept from the world - not least another Blak Twang/Roots Manuva collaboration to complement Queen's Heads that is just straight up phat with a PH! Tony Rotton has intimated he will re-release this at some point and from my perspective that can't come soon enough. (Mr Rotton, if you are reading this please make sure you do a limited number of vinyl presses when you do).  If it does ever get re-released I will take these down but until then consider these tracks a taster to what is as an absolute lost gem of an album. 

Enjoy, Postie

Blak Twang - Creme De La Crop

Blak Twang featuring Seani T and Roots Manuva - Echo Chamber


  1. So, is it just the vinyl that is worth anything on this [non] release, or would a copy of the promo cassette fetch a penny?

  2. Not to sure about the value of the tape - I guess its worth whatever someone will pay for it, I have never seen it up for sale though. Some dude is trying to sell a remastered CDR of it on discogs for $39.99. Not sure if he managed to sell any though. Reckon it would do quite well - sneakerkid sells a load of old mixtapes and radio shows on ebay and he regularly gets good money. It is def the vinyl LP that is the most sought after though - I would def remortgage for that one if/when it comes up! Postie

  3. If you're still interested in getting hold of a copy, I got some news for you...


  4. Really interesting article. Thank you. Been loving this album for a long time. Listening to it in 2013 it still sounds as fresh as it did back in the day. The raw, grainy production makes it perfect. Its a crime this wasn't released, but then maybe it makes it that bit more special?

  5. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blak-Twang-Dettwork-Southeast-1996/178163888914001?notif_t=page_new_likes

  6. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blak-Twang-Dettwork-Southeast-1996/178163888914001