Tuesday, 19 October 2010

DJ Vadim and DJ Primecuts: Architects Of The Great (Jazz Fudge, 1998)

I picked this little number up back in 1999 at a Knowledge of Self jam at Brighton's Pressure point. At the time Jazz Fudge had just put out the Swollen Members LP - Balance - and were supporting them with a UK tour. In support were Taskforce/Bury Crew who had just dropped New Mic Order and were selling it for a tenner at the show. Also present were Mr Thing and Jazz Fudge label head DJ Vadim. I had gone to see Swollen Members and at the time hadn't really heard much of Taskforce but they blew me away that night. I went home having parted with cash for this mixtape and New Mic Order - a total of £15. Seems like a pretty decent investment now given that the only copy of this mixtape available on Discogs is currently going for 88 euros and 1st press New Mic Order LPs go for anything from £30 - £90. 

1999 Jazz Fudge Tour Poster
The mixtape itself is undoubtedly one of my favourite mixtapes of all time. Loads of high quality scratching from (Original Scratch Pervert) Primecuts, and eerie samples from the king of offbeat leftfield hip hop Vadim. They blend a few recognisable UK cuts from the likes of Blade and Skitz and freestyles from Lewis Parker, Chester P and Skinnyman with a mix of random audio samples and funk records in a style that at points sounds similar to Brainfreeze (a full two years before Shadow and Cut Chemist's effort). The result is beautifully made atmospheric trip that initially hypnotises the listener before waking them up with the raw scratched up funk and hip hop! Its trippy but it makes for a hell of a listen. 

The tape comes with a high quality insert designed by Openmind

The1999 KOS night in Brighton
I have no idea how many were made but apart from the one currently on discogs I have never seen it for sale on ebay or the like and it's not the type of thing likely to pop up in your local hip hop friendly record shop so I guess it is pretty rare. A mate of mine recently met up with Vadim as he was selling off a few of his records. He asked Vadim if had any copies of this and Vadim told him he didn't even have one for himself! That said 88 Euros sounds a little excessive for a tape so I would recommend being patient on that one!

Anyway I have posted it in below for your listening pleasure. Enjoy, Postie.

Discogs Info link:  http://www.discogs.com/DJ-Vadim-DJ-Primecuts-Architects-Of-The-Great/release/528020

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  1. Thanks for this post, sounds like you've recognised a few more tracks than me. I got this same mix as a CD free on the front of DJ Mag back in the day - also one of my favourite all time mixes!